About me

I’m an illustrator originally hailing from the muddy, marshy Essex countryside, although I’m now based in Edinburgh. My interest in illustration comes from a love of reading and the constant itch in my fingers to draw – I think of illustration as visual story-telling, and for me it’s a way of expressing what you’ve got to say through making pictures.

How I became an illustrator

I’ve always drawn things. When I was younger I used to make stapled-together picture books; I would design paper cut-out characters for my little sister; I’d diligently copy out illustrations from my favourite books. And I carried on drawing as I got older, replacing yellow-and-black striped pencils for lovelier tins of Derwent Graphite pencils and moving from acrylics to oils.

Later on I started painting portraits on commission, and I’ve previously worked in-house as an illustrator and as a graphic designer. I’m now working as a freelance artist and illustrator, and am looking to take on new commissioned work.

Materials I use

I prefer working in traditional media, so most of my work starts on paper. For black-and-white work I use a dip pen and ink, and anything in colour tends to be in watercolours. I’ve also recently been experimenting with the use of embroidery in my illustrations to create a hand-crafted look; these can be viewed in my portfolio.

Finished illustrations are scanned in and tidied up digitally so that they’re ready for print or digital use.

Other things I do

I still take on private commissions for portraits, and when I’m not drawing I’m still putting pen to paper – writing fiction.

I’ve had my first pieces published recently, in the Melissa Harrison Summer anthology produced in collaboration with The Wildlife Trusts, and in the Bath Short Story Award 2016 Anthology. I also write a blog about seasonal living, and am editing down a mass of words into something which I hope will eventually resemble a novel.

You can read more about my fine art and my writing on my other website.

Still reading?

Why not send me an email to speak to me about a potential project, or just to find out more about my work? I’d love to hear from you.